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maxim-3Global Art Vision is a unique group of top world professional dance educators, dancers, teachers led by Maxim Kozhevnikov who is five times world and nine times US national professional ballroom champion, world top class adjudicator and coach of many amateur and professional world and national champions. He was also born with the 2nd degree vision impairment. Maxim and Global Art Vision are dedicated to provide a unique dance art program to people with special needs including: vision-impaired, with hearing loss or deafness, or with partial impairment of mobility.


This program is based on a massive long time experience teaching people from different age groups and social backgrounds. And, of course, dancing and performing ballroom and other styles around the world for so many years at the top level ensure our confidence in success of the Global Art Vision project.  

Importantly, GAV has recruited best specialists such as medical doctors, musicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and sports biomechanics engineers, fitness instructors and Olympic champions, mathematics, psychologists, coaches, etc.





Our unique syllabus is an adaptation of the ballroom syllabus. It creates special groups and a special program of “line dancing”. It summarizes different dance steps and figures with different levels of technical difficulties where one will find all possible moves for each dance with details and professional descriptions of directions, timing, positions, footwork and aliments allowing to teach people and to work at their technical skills throughout the USA and all over the world.

The uniqueness of the dance art program from Global Art Vision is presented in a few remarkable distinctions. The program connects the best things from the ballroom dancing syllabus by adapting the structure in presenting detailed ballroom dance steps and figures as well as additional dances and styles that had never been described or organized in a special syllabus structure for people with disabilities. The program adapts the Argentine tango, Caribbean Latin mix, folk dancing, line dancing, warming up dance exercises, etc., to specifically accommodate people with different special needs. Our approach works for private as well as group sessions and group classes. The program is designed to accommodate students at different stages of technical proficiency (i.e., new comers, beginners, bronze, silver, gold levels), but also by the type and severity kinds of disabilities. Also, our syllabus adopts some progressive dancing where dancers are moving around the ballroom’s perimeter progressively to stationary form allowing dancers with disabilities not to be limited in choice of their favorite rhythms and dances.

Another significant difference of the dance art program syllabus from the ballroom or any other syllabus is a creation of mini-routines (a connection of few figures in a chain order) that allows students with disabilities to dance with each other in a special structure. The dance couples can participate in competitions and social dancing and be led by an instructor or by the partner calling the name of the routine.
GAV’s syllabus will allow all people involved in Global Art Dance program to be connected, to feel free with confidence in different countries and with different dancers.


STEPS 2 and 3.



After Global Art Vision implements its U.S. program developed for different types of disabilities, it will create a national dance art association. The association will provide all official events for members, i.e., dance festivals, dance competitions, showcases, workshops and lectures based on the dance art program syllabus. It will hold the annual National championship to encourage dancers with disabilities to reach their maximum potential and to demonstrate that there are no limits for people with disabilities. The national dance association will evolve into an international dance art project with members from all over the world.




Global Art Vision`s professionals and well trained teachers will become consultants or a part of the staff in independent. This will help dance studios to work with people with different kinds of disabilities and will break the wall in front of the people who rarely cross over a regular life routine.

Another and possibly the most important thing of this art dance program is the medical rehabilitation program which will help disabled people develop a new type of body coordination when otherwise they feel limits in their movement and even walking. This will have a great impact on the consumers’ state of mind, help them feel not being isolated but living a regular social life and be able to dance to their favorite music in a partnership.

All our staff members are certified and licensed as required by law. The syllabus of dance art program was created by highly accomplished dancers, such as Latin and Standard professional world champions, American National champions, Argentine tango world champions, and W.C. swing dance American champions.

Our ballroom dance teachers are experienced in teaching people with disabilities. Our staff also includes clinical specialists, – psychologists, who have studied psychological effects of the dance program on the disabled people. The results of their studies have overwhelmingly showed positive effects of ballroom dancing on psychological condition of people with developmental disabilities.

The deep studies resulted – in our development of the unique dance art program that accommodates consumers of all ages with a wide spectrum of disabilities.

Our philosophy is based on our belief that each individual is unique and that all people can learn how to dance and have a unique and rewarding dancing experience.

GAV’s philosophy incorporates the following:


  • Dance lessons should be designed in such a way that our students should achieve their fullest potential.
  • Ensuring an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the dance instruction.
  • Parents and caregivers are important and critical part of the learning process and as such, they must be integral members of the educational team.
  • Our consumers and their families are a part of their cultural and religious communities.
  • Our dance teaching methods respect all cultural and religious differences and the family`s values.
  • Global Art Vision seeks to provide services of the highest quality in the least restrictive environment.
  • In addition, all services that are provided by Global Art Vision will conform to all relevant laws and regulations.






Maxim Kozhevnikov


maxim-2Founder and CEO of Global Art Vision, Inc.
Five times World and nine times U.S. professional dance champion.


Maxim was born with the 2nd degree vision disability. Yet, he excelled academically and achieved highest professional results in the ballroom dance world, as a unique performer, an artist and an athlete. Maxim earned five world and nine U.S. national professional titles. After Maxim completed his brilliant dance-sport career, he performed around the world as a guest artist to many TV shows becoming one of the top choreographers.


During his post-career years as a coach, Maxim has worked with amateurs and professionals, celebrities, as well as with a number of national Olympics teams in the disciplines of rhythmic gymnastics and figure ice skating.

maxim-2Recently, Maxim appeared as a judge on the “Dancing with the Stars” TV show.

More facts and details about Maxim’s career can be found on his personal website: www.maximkozhevnikov.com.

You can also find an award-winning documentary “Kick Ball Change” about Maxim’s life story at: www.kickballchangemovie.com.


Today Maxim Kozhevnikov and his team of highly dedicated dance instructors and other professionals are happy to present his new project: the special and unique Not-for-Profit organization GLOBAL ART VISION based in New York City.