Dear Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Global Art Vision. Without generous contributions from friends like you, Global Art Vision, simply put, would not succeed. Unfortunately, government grants alone are not enough to support our mission, programs and innovative research. And that is why we count on you!

No donation is small!

With the help of your monetary assistance, our organization will be able to support a large number of disabled people. Your small donation today can help make a big difference in their lives.


You can send a check to Global Art Vision, Inc. or use PayPal here:


  1. Pledge Form you can send to our business address:
    306 Brighton Beach ave,
    Suite #3R
    Brooklyn, NY,
    11235, USA


We are looking for any support.
Your support is a great motivation to help us move towards our goal of building better future for disabled people.
If you need more information, please call us at +1-917-677-3317 or send us an e-mail,


Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Truly yours,


Maxim Kozhevnikov,
Founder and CEO of Global Art Vision, Inc.